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Discussion for those interested in triathlons

Gagnon Named CEO Cycling Champion

Congratulations to friend and fellow triathlete, Joe Gagnon!! You can read the original post on Ted Kennedy’s blog.

Wins CEO Cycling Challenge co-hosted by George Hincapie

You Can Stop ‘‘Normal’’ Aging

My triathlon buddies recently pointed me at this article from the March 18, 2007 edition of Parade Magazine.

What I find most remarkable in this article is:
(1) Aside from a few stem cells and brain cells, we our bodies replace about 1% of our cells every day, or put another way, replace our entire body every three months. I thought it took 10 years for this cycle.
(2) Our emotions are equal and in some ways even more important to controlling aging than exercise. “Exercising” our emotions with close friends and family can do as much to keep us young at heart as working out every day. Amazing!

Ipswich YMCA Triathlon Results

Yesterday, the Britt-Webb family and the "North Andover Britt" family enjoyed a great outing at Crane’s Beach on the occasion of the Ipswich YMCA Triathlon. My brother-in-law and his son, Frank and Tyler Britt, and I got there around 4pm to get our registration packets and set up our gear. Our families arrived in time to meet us before the event kicked off and to cheer us on through the race.

Sixty Mile Ride with Adam Branfman and PMC Team Kermit

Went out for a bike ride this morning with my friend, Joe Verdone. We planned to do a decent 47 mile loop through Weston and Concord. About ten miles into the ride, we bumped into a group of four other riders, including an old friend and former colleague Moe Blaustein. They were going a little further than we planned, but they seemed like a good group and invited us to tag along, so tag we did.

First Swim Across Crystal Lake

I did my first swim in Crystal Lake today. While the water was a little murky green and I wondered sometimes what I might encounter out in the middle of the lake, it went very well overall.

According to Google Earth, the lake is 475 meters between the northeast and southwest corners. I did two laps, or four lengths of the lake. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have any problems swimming the distance. Each time, I made each crossing in roughly 12 minutes, or 2:32 per 100 meters. I even found that I felt nearly as good on the fourth crossing as I did on the first.

I’m still very slow and have a long way to go on technique. But it’s good to know I should have no problem completing the swim in an Olympic-distance triathlon.

Haunted City Junior Triathlon Results

Morgan and her friend, Ben Kreppein, completed their very first triathlon today, the Haunted City Junior Triathlon. Below is photo slideshow. If you click on the link in the lower left, it will take you to the a Picasaweb album, where you can browse all the photos and download them into Picasa on your computer.

Swim Drafting

Drafting IS legal in the open water - here is an example- swimming in another’s wake cuts huge resistance..

Columbia Triathlon

Here is a video of the first of the two triathlons I’m currently signed up for. The Columbia triathlon is an Olympic distance and folks come from all over the world.

Note to Self

Race Day Notes - Note To Self…

Purposely creating Road Kill during the bike leg of a triathlon is a violation of USAT rules!!

The Triathlete's Guide to Mental Training


Triathlete's Guide book coverThe Triathlete’s Guide to Mental Training introduces readers to the all-important role that the mind plays in triathlon training and competition. This first-of-its-kind book explores the mental areas that either fosters triathlon success or leads to triathlon failure, including motivation, confidence, intensity, focus, emotions, and pain. Readers learn essential mental tools, such as goal setting, mental imagery, and routines. They also learn how to improve the quality of training and how to avoid overtraining, burnout, and injury. The book offers a section addressing special concerns that triathletes will find valuable, including Ironman training and racing, the unhealhty side of triathlon, and a unique chapter offering lessons from the world’s best triathletes. Ultimately, The Triathlete’s Guide offers readers practical information and useful skills to help them overcome the many challenges with wihch they are confronted in triathlon.

Sports Psychology and Mental Toughness

(The article below is taken from this page. See info about the author at the bottom.)

What does it take for you to reach your potential as an athlete? The true challenge in triathlon, marathon, cycling and open water swimming is the competition between you and the course, you and the clock, but primarily between you and your mind. Success in these endurance sports is all about your mental ability to handle the pain and fatigue of oxygen debt, about your ability to master the limits that you think you have. The endurance sport athlete’s most formidable opponent can be found in the mirror. You are both the problem and the solution!

Are you mentally tough as an athlete? Is sports psychology an active part of your training or simply an after-thought? Do you know how to consistently harness the power of your mind to lift the level of your performance? Or are you your own worst enemy out there? Are you the kind of athlete who beats him/herself well before the race’s finish?

2008 Races

I’m using this page to help me track the runs, bike races and triathlons that I’m thinking of competing in this summer. From here I will link to race information and my blog posts if/when I write about them.

Here are some good sources of race information:

Littleton Appleman Triathlon Results

I promised an update on the Littleton Appleman “sprint” Triathlon from earlier today.

JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge

Enjoyed a great outing yesterday, running in the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge in Boston. Met up with three of my former colleagues, Laura Carrillo, Stacie Stark and Anne Bishko. Special thanks to Laura for taking and sharing the pictures in the slideshow below.

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