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This group is specifically for subscribing the the Britt-Webb family blog. The intended audience is our family and friends. Some of the posts may be public, but most will be visible only to group members.

Coffee filters ..who knew?!

COFFEE FILTERS:  Not just for making coffee….

Happy Holidays

From our family to yours….

Santa Wish Lists

Dear Santa,

This is Morgan and Matthew Britt-Webb. We would like to share with you our wish lists. Here is a start. We’ll add more tomorrow.

Sons of Lwala

This morning, Sandra Britt (Nana) and I visited the Pri-Med East 2008 conference in Boston as guests of to watch the Keynote presentation. my brother-in-law, Frank Britt (Nana’s oldest son), who runs Pri-Med in the US and is part of the management team of M|C Communications, the parent of Pri-Med.

Three Angels

Look at these three amazing angels!!

From 2008-11 Coffee Pond Pictures
From 2008-10 Misc

Raising Young Men in Today's World

I’m attending this seminar tonight with Frankie. Should be very insightful!

Register to Vote!

The deadline is soon - October 4 in some states. Register to vote, but only if you care about ANYTHING!

Dont’ take it from me. Listen to these celebrities.

Bryson's Two-Year Old Portraits

Here are just a few of Bryson’s 2-year old portraits that Kevin and Shannon had taken last past weekend. As Shannon said, “Such a little Kevin!! :-)”

Below are a few of the images from SmilesByWire, the Internet-based portrait viewing and ordering service for JCPenney Portraits. To see the entire collection and order reprints, click here and enter customer name: Shannon Webb

Morgan, Matthew & Beckett for President

Here’s a little timely humor. Click on each picture to play the related video.

Ipswich YMCA Triathlon Results

Yesterday, the Britt-Webb family and the "North Andover Britt" family enjoyed a great outing at Crane’s Beach on the occasion of the Ipswich YMCA Triathlon. My brother-in-law and his son, Frank and Tyler Britt, and I got there around 4pm to get our registration packets and set up our gear. Our families arrived in time to meet us before the event kicked off and to cheer us on through the race.

Sixty Mile Ride with Adam Branfman and PMC Team Kermit

Went out for a bike ride this morning with my friend, Joe Verdone. We planned to do a decent 47 mile loop through Weston and Concord. About ten miles into the ride, we bumped into a group of four other riders, including an old friend and former colleague Moe Blaustein. They were going a little further than we planned, but they seemed like a good group and invited us to tag along, so tag we did.

Haunted City Junior Triathlon Results

Morgan and her friend, Ben Kreppein, completed their very first triathlon today, the Haunted City Junior Triathlon. Below is photo slideshow. If you click on the link in the lower left, it will take you to the a Picasaweb album, where you can browse all the photos and download them into Picasa on your computer.

Fifteenth Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that today marks 15 years since Laurel and I were married! What an incredible ride this has been. I am so lucky and blessed, beyond what I could have imagined.

Here is a short walk up memory lane.


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Haunted City Junior Triathlon 2008

8/9 Update: Results post in Haunted City Junior Triathlon Results this blog entry.

I recently discovered this junior triathlon for kids as young as five years old! I’ve started discussing it with Morgan. I’m hoping she’s up for the challenge. We’ll see. Here are the highlights, which I copied from the official event page.

Mass State Triathlon 2008

July 30 Update: Brightroom photos are now online for Erik, Frank and Tyler. There are also some good photos of us in the Lost & Found. I’ve added the preview sizes of these to the end of the photo slideshow below.

On Sunday, July 27th, my brother-in-law Frank Britt, his son Tyler Britt and I competed in the Massachusetts State Triathlon. Click the play button below to see the photo slideshow, or click the link in the photo’s bottom left to see the Picasa Webalbum.

Day at North Andover Country Club

We had a great day hanging with Britt family at the North Andover Country Club.

2008 POWOW Triathlon

Had a great event today with my brother-in-law, Frank Britt, at the POWOW Triathlon. We bought our first wet suits yesterday at Fast: Splits Multisport and got to try them out in Lake Gardner. Thanks to Noreen, we have some great pictures to show for our efforts! (Click the Play button to play the slideshow right here. Click on link in lower left to see the Picasa Web Album.)

July Vacation visit with Sophie and family

We had a great 4th of July vacation visiting our friends in Rowayton, CT: Lynn, Steve and Sophie Blank. Below are some pictures and videos from our trip.

Photo slideshow

Click the play button to play the slideshow here. Click on the link in the lower left corner of the album to see the photos in the Picasa Web album.

JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge

Enjoyed a great outing yesterday, running in the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge in Boston. Met up with three of my former colleagues, Laura Carrillo, Stacie Stark and Anne Bishko. Special thanks to Laura for taking and sharing the pictures in the slideshow below.

Beckett McCain's first interview

This is a 1 minute clip of Beckett’s first interview, taken on June 3rd, when he was just 5 days old.

Announcing Beckett McCain Britt-Webb

We are proud and excited to announce the arrival of our newest family member: Beckett McCain Britt-Webb. Beckett was born at 9:29am on 5/29/08. He weighed in at 6 lbs, 15 oz and measured 19 inches long.

Special thanks to Cousin Lexi (and Aunt Reenie) for her inspiration in picking his first name, Beckett. And his middle name, McCain, is in honor of Grandma the Great, Elizabeth (McCain) Harris (see her memorial here).

See the slideshow below, as well as the videos from our YouTube account.

If you really want the play-by-play account of the birth and aftermath, read Erik’s Twitter posts at the bottom of this page.

Finally, you can read other blog posts about Beckett here.

Beckett Slideshow

Visit with Uncle Chris on May 25, just before Beckett was born

Here are some pictures of Uncle Chris’s visit on our back deck on May 25, just four days before Beckett was born.

Alan "Mick" McCain Receives ANTS Spirit Award

Today, I enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with “Cousin Mick”, Alan McCain. He was in town to attend the annual reunion at Andover Newton Theological Seminary, where he received the Spirit of the Hill Alumni Award.

Below, you can watch a video, see pictures, and read the biography of Mick and Sally that was used during the award ceremony.


Watch this video of the last half of his acceptance speech. (Sorry for the Dixie cup at the bottom of the screen)

Laurel's Baby Shower

I am pleased to report that the surprise baby shower for Laurel was a huge success! Laurel was mostly surprised, meaning that while she had her usual sixth sense that something was going to happen, she didn’t know for sure and was completely surprise by how many turned out.

We enjoyed the wonderful company of about 25 of Laurel’s lady friends, along with another 10 family members. Thanks for everyone who turned out. Special thanks to Noreen and Lexi for organizing and hosting the event, and to Del for helping to bake the yummy desserts.

Matthew's Soccer Team - Spring 2008

Matthew is having a blast this spring in the Newton Kindergarten Soccer program.

Here is a slideshow of photos of the team and players in action.

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